Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Check Out This Pop of Color....

I want you all to see this chic preppy bohemian wedding Lizz did back in May here. The deep purples and pinks were amazing! and wasn't the bride's dress gorgeous!

Then check out this wedding from Sara's A list here...This is the one I talked about a few weeks ago that was like something I had envisioned for myself...the flowers and the cake at this one are KILLER!

Exciting news on the job front...I designed the ad for Southern Protocol for the Charleston Weddings magazine, set to be printed this fall and next spring! It's pretty ballin' I must say, so buy a copy and see if you can find it! I will be happy to autograph it! Clients are in town tomorrow, and I get to attend my first tasting! Of course I am so excited to taste all of the wonderful food and the cake! I have been having so much fun with my friends that are in town this week! Lots of fun hangout and chill time and lots of good food! Yay for homemade peach ice cream and fresh fish!


  1. Not sure you can handle life "back at the ranch" in a few weeks! Will be TOO boring! What fun and thrills you have had experienced! I promise less thrills and more relaxation once you are home. The vacuum needs running BTW. Waiting on you!

  2. Blog shoutout! So exciting! Love the picture links!