Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Weekend

Hello friends!!! I hope you all are doing well...I had a very busy, but wonderful week, and the dog, Bubba, I have mentioned previously returns to the story! 

As I told you all in the last post my dallas clients were coming into town to plan their wedding, and I have to say it was a success! I was pretty nervous going into Thursday because although I have attended a lot of meetings, I have not run one yet. Once I got going it was totally fine! In fact one of the vendors asked me, "I'm sorry, but are you Lizz?" which just goes to show how well she trains us. Melissa and Josh are the wonderful couple from Dallas, and we had fun getting to know each other and talk about wedding things for 48 hours. Josh is a good sport! We planned decor, basics with flowers, venue, date, invites, cake, photographers, and a few other things I just cant remember right now I am sure. I will continue to blog about this for the coming months since this will be my big break!

Lizz was at another friends wedding this weekend, so I was left with Bubba, and let me tell you this dog is crazy! And so anxious! He likes to chews things up and eat strange things. So I have made several realizations over the summer...1) do not have a house dog unless, he stays in a kennel at night and is only allowed on floors that are easy to clean waste off of...

and then 2) I would love to have a family someday. As many of you know, for about a year after the dude ranch, I did not want children at all becuase of how bad the kids at the dude ranch were, but after being able to play and spend time with a good, solid family, the thought of having a family one day is again enticing. By no means do I want this to happen any time soon, but one day in the far off future! Hide and Seek is still very popular, but it is starting to wear off, so if you have any game suggestions toss them my way! for instance tonight, we played a very low key game of pet shop, and I was the one purchasing pets, so I am a proud new owner of 5 adorable puppies:) Cole gave me a fabulous hair do...mom did you get that pic?...and the older boys were bringing down my dishes to me after 'bedtime' one night, and they saw I was eating a popsicle, and then proceeded to tell their mom I was breaking the rules...lol...kids are just hilarious! They make you want your innocence back, and the things they say and think of crack me up! Check out these photos, and see some of the fun times that can occur while procrastinating folding clothes (yes these kids know how to fold their own clothes--even the 2 year old!)...

The boys liked these photos because they felt like I couldnt see them because they were ghosts! 

Now the wedding this past weekend was AMAZING! I was concerned on Wednesday what it would be like as I made some quick welcome cards, found out it might be raining, and then found out we had to glue her programs in a special way (which took forever, but that's what we do...the not fun stuff sometime). We had the best weather, besides one other wedding, we have had all summer! It was 85 degrees and chilly in charleston in july!!! Crazy! No rain this weekend, but I traded rain for falling up stairs, and moving 130 ceremony chairs(which were set up in a very cool 'V' pattern btw) from the front lawn to the tent. I showed off my 'big guns' by moving 4 chivari charis at a time, but it unfortunately did not gain any male's attention...lol...and I will add 4 chairs was more than any other girl carried:) So for the details of the wedding...it was at Lowndes Grove, and the layout was different than ususal but I must say, I really loved it! The dancefloor did not have a tent over it (typically it does), but we hung a chandelier in the tree over the dancing area, and it was gorgeous! The draping for the tent was very romantic and whimsical (and we outsourced hanging drape so set up was relatively easy), and the linens were ivory. This wedding had a very muted color palate, ivories, greys and deep lavenders, but I enjoyed  it because it wasn't like any thing I had seen this summer; most weddings have been bold saturated colors. Another logistical difference was that we had food stations, but the bride had assigned seating for everyone, so it was combining the best of stations and seated dinner (for stations we often only suggest 50% seating). The band for this past weekend, Playazzzz (or something like that) were awesome! They started out with some classic Al Green, and some "Do you remember" and beach music, but by the end of the night we were breaking it down to "teach me how to duggie" and two step...ahhh my kind of party:) It was a fun crowd to watch! Props to Sara for always going with something different in her wedding planning! She gets really unique ideas sometimes and runs with it!

I came to the dramatice realization that I only have about 3 weeks left in charleston for the summer before I return to Furman, and guys, that hit me hard! By no means am I ready for this to end! It will be so hard to GET myself back to school but once I am there and see ALL MY FABULOUS FRIENDS, I will be fine. I have gotten and will get to see 2 great friends, Lauren and Ellie, over at Wild Dunes this week! We just had an awesome Bachelorette party with Lucy! Lauren's Parents cooked us an awesome seafood pasta with homemade peach ice cream for dessert! 

got some photographer's blogs coming sooooooon!!!

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  1. Time flies when you are having fun!!!