Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Rain that Poured....and Poured

Hi friends, and fam! I think I have told some of you, but the wedding this past weekend was a down pour like no other! Now before you start to feel bad for us, it was awesome this happened for 2 reasons 1) It is good luck to have rain on your wedding day and 2) it was an awesome learning experience for the interns. this wedding, although simple in design, required a 2 day setup becaure there was a lot of draping involved wiht fabric and drum lights! Friday we arrived at Lowndes Grove, perhaps one of my favorite venues, and unfortutanely the rental company put up the wrong size tent. All we could do was wait for the next tent to be put up...about 2 hours! The draping was simple to put up, but yet looked amazing (you can kind of see the amazingness below, but my photos do not compare to the photographers..can't wait to show you that link!) Now the drum lighting, the big lamp shade looking thing with the vine, those take more work because of the wires and making sure everything is plugged in correctly. This took a long time to hang and make look good! Now the bride LOOOOOVVVVEESSS blue, so all of her decor and her AWESOME cake are a Tiffany Blue, but Lizz, the magic maker, convinced her to have bluch pink uplighting in the tent on the draping and it was the perfect touch for this all blue bride! Another different aspect to this wedding was the bridesmaids' dresses were printed! So fun and different! It was a blue floral print. Printed bridesmaids dresses were popular in the late 60s early 70s, and are starting to come around again...I personally like the trend! 

Now I haven't told you the best part of this day...we knew rain was in the forcast, but we just weren't sure how much rain because in Charleston it seems like there is a 30% chance of rain everyday! We have a brisk, brief storm early in the afternoon, but the sun quickly came out and dried it all out. And then we began to question if it was going to rain again....I really did not think it was going to...boy was I wrong! Lizz and I left for the ceremony, which was beautiful, and I am so glad I got to see the wedding planner in action at a church ceremony vs. an on-site ceremony. Sometimes, it can be difficult to work with the churches because they have their own way to do things, and we have our own way to do things. Lizz and I stepped out of the church from the ceremony, and it was BLACK. The wind was whipping like it does when a storm is coming, and rain drops began to fall, and then the more we drove back to the site, the rain was falling in sheets. Lizz and I did not have umbrellas, and naturally the only parking spot was far away, so we got drenched running back, and then immediately we began to squeegee water out of the tent. it was ankle high water in some places, the band had set up, and the guests were arriving!!!!!! Luckily the rental company, because Southern Protocol is soooo nice to them, got us walls to put up on the tent within 30 minutes, but still there was so much water, you would squeegee it out only for it to come right back in! Another helpful thing was the great effort put on together by the wait staff and the Southern Protocol team; it literally could not have been done alone! Fortunately the decor and tables, chair cushions, etc did not get wet, so we were quickly able to prepare the tent for guests to enter. Once this mishap was over, the rest of the night was very smooth! 

Tomorrow is an exciting day for several Dallas clients are coming into town, so today I am working very hard to help get them some vendor meetings. I am nervous, but I think it will go so well!
Also, tomorrow night is the Harry Potter premeire...the Finale!! Some girls from work and I are going, and it should be tons of fun! I also get another few days with my beloved canine friend, Bubba. Yes, Lizz is going into Birmingham for a friend's wedding, which means mary susan takes care of bubba. Hopefully this time will be less eventful than last time:)  

Bit of exciting news for Southern Protocol, Lizz and Sara have been asked to write the new "Up a Knotch" column for Southern Living in the December/January Issue!!!! This new column is about entertaining, so Lizz and Sara will talk about holiday entertaining. Be on the look out for that! Southern Living is pretty close to the Bible to ladies here in Charleston. 

Hope you are all well! Stay Cool!

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  1. That was a different cake for sure! krista would have loved all the blue. And the lighting looked great too. And now you have had your monsoon experience - just need a hurrucane under your belt! LOL!